Promoting your business on Facebook in Cambodia, it’s dead!
26 Oct 2017

Promoting your business on Facebook in Cambodia, it’s dead!

Has your community manager warned you that

26 Oct 2017

Has your community manager warned you that your Facebook posts have not been seen for some time now?

That’s what I’ve discovered recently on the pages I am managing. It would seem that this is also the case for publications in groups, unless you have many friends who publish there.

What exactly is going on?

The publications of the pages, thus generally publications concerning your business, the place where you post your promotions, your successes, your commercial activity, your recruitments, your videos, all these publications disappeared from the timeline of the users who, nevertheless, had liked your page. Worst! Even your fans who had asked to see your publications in priority do not see them anymore! Take the test. Change the visibility of a page you like in “See first” and it will not change anything on your timeline.
All publications on your business pages, with the usual visibility restrictions, are now grouped in another thread: “Explore Feed”.
The problem is that in Cambodia, most users go to Facebook from the phone’s app, they do not even know that Explore Feed exists, and only scroll the timeline of their Facebook account when they open the apps.

And is it serious doctor?

Oh yes, it’s serious, it’s even very serious. As the default News Feed is the only thing users watch, if you’re not there anymore, it means that your business’s publications have become invisible.

And how can you be so sure?

Already because for some time and especially since a few days, I noticed an unexplained decrease of the visibility of the publications in the pages of which I am admin. Example for an identical post type:
June 20, 2017: 13,834 views.
June 20, 2017: 14,190 views.
July 2, 2017: 14,390 views.
July 13, 2017: 9,936 views.
July 13, 2017: 8,757 views.
August 1, 2017: 679 views
7 October: 67 views
7 October: 61 views
This is not scientific and therefore proves nothing, OK. But as this phenomenon is not exclusively confined to Cambodia, it has begun to make a stir among community managers in other countries, who have published analyzes and statistics, see for example the article here:
Caught red-handed, Facebook has cracked an official statement that confirms what I just explained. You can read it here:

Why this test in Cambodia?

By a curious coincidence it happens when the relations between the United States and Cambodia are strained. Astonishing, isn’t it?
The effects of this type of “test” on the Cambodian economy are certainly not trivial. A lot of business here depends on their visibility on Facebook. Everyone knows the adage in Cambodia: “If your business is not visible on Facebook, then you do not exist.” And as a bonus, the majority of Cambodian Internet users use Facebook from a mobile.
Bad news, Facebook has made almost disappear all business publications in Cambodia.

So, what to do?

1. Protest.
How, I do not know yet. But it would be necessary. All ideas are welcome.

2. Pay to be visible?
Well, that’s not good news either, the results are also worse than before.
Again, this is based on personal few experiences that are not scientific, so I advise you to do your own tests.

I recently re-launched a campaign to promote a Facebook video on a page I manage. In two paid promotional sessions of this video previously, the video had reached an outstanding amount over 1.2 million views!
On October 4, I simply reactivated the previous campaign by slightly increasing the potential target of advertisement by extending age group. Although the number of advertising targets is greater, the result was catastrophic: 57% less views, and therefore 57% additional money needed to achieve the same result as before.
Another example with a recent post boosted last week-end, giving a result in number of reach really very low for large amount of money spent ($ 30), and with totally aberrant figures, as for example a ratio of engagement versus reach of 17%, which is strangely high!

3. Find alternatives to Facebook.
Yes, there are some. I stopped all ongoing campaigns on Facebook, and I spend my time, my energy and my budget on other communication media. And it works. Facebook will no longer have any time or money from me. It’s not even a revenge on my side, it’s a normal business strategy:

Facebook is dead! Let’s go somewhere else.

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